Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fingerprint Snowman Ornament

How to make;

1. Paint your childs thumb white with acrylic paint and press onto plastic ornament to make snowman.
2. When paint is dry take sharpie pens and draw eyes,hat,buttons,arms,nose and scarf.
3. paint the rest of ornament with gloss Modge Podge and then sprinkle a very fine white glitter all over for snow effect.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peppermint Playdoh

How to make:
1. 2 Cups Flour
2. 1 Cup of salt
3. 1 tsp Cream of Tartar
4. 1 Tb Cooking oil
5. 2 Cups colored water
6. 4 Tb of Peppermint Extract

Mix all ingredients together in pan and cook slowly on medium-high heat and stir until play dough thickens.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Scrap Christmas Tree

How to Make:
1. Tear up several pieces of green construction paper.
2. Tear up small amount of brown construction paper.
3. On a plain piece of card stock(color of your choice)draw a triangle shape with glue and cover with green pieces of construction paper.
4. Draw the trunk of tree with glue and cover with brown construction paper.
5. Crumble small pieces of tissue paper (red,purple,yellow and blue)and glue onto the tree.
6. Glue 3 pieces of yellow on top of tree for the star.

Letter "G" Giraffe